ACE High Performance Flow Sensor

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Expected release date is 31st Mar 2019

Product Overview


ACE Hall Effect Flow Sensors offer superior performance and reliability where high temperature water is being measured combined voltage spikes and irregularities that result in reduced operating life of traditional comparable flow sensors.

ACE set about researching why flow sensors failed more often in one machines than another and this led to an add-on protection module to be added in series with an existing flow sensor - providing external protection for existing flow sensors.

The ACE Protection Module proved extremely effective in protecting existing and replacement Flow Sensors. Given that the Flow Sensor would often need replacing at the time of fitment of our module, the natural progression for us was to develop our own more hardy Flow Sensor.


  • Compatible with most flow sensor bodies
  • Wide Operating Voltage - 5~28VDC
  • Guaranteed for operation up to 125ºC
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Dual LED Indication
  • Heavy duty MOSFET output
  • Wide range of connection options available
  • Covered by ACE-Parts 2-Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review