ACE ShureShot Kronos Control System for v3 Slayer

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Product Overview

The ShureShot Controller was developed by Alcorn Café Engineering.

The project was conceived out of the need to be able to add a simple shot timer to machines that were not offered with an option of a shot timer or the option was not taken up at time of purchase.

From simple shot timer, a dual colour display was added for simple 'good shot' / 'bad shot' recognition, flashing to indicate a shot was nearing completion and then later 4 programmable timers and 3 programmable outputs which adds the ability to drive a brew valve, pump and even a 'bypass valve' using 4 independent programmable timers.

Features include: • Dual Colour Time Display • Timed Shots (shot stopped at pre-set time) • Multiple Brew Pumps • Auto Timed Pre-Infusion (only practical with multiple pumps) • Pump Bypass Valve Output • Auto Pre-Flush • Auto Post-Flush • Auto Cleaning Cycle

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review