ACE Replacement Touchpad to suit Linea PB

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Product Overview

ACE Replacement PC Boards allow you to give your existing touchpads a new lease on life. If the plastic parts in your machine are still good, simply disassemble, give all parts a good wash and re-assemble with new boards. It's simple and you'll be amazed at the difference of how a new tactile switche feel compared to your old switches. 

This board was designed for the Linea Classic, and replaces the Gicar "Wizard" LAD3D5/THE. It also may replace the LAD3D5/P dosing circuits - you just leave the 6 pin connector empty. It has 4 white led lights for the shot selectors and one amber LED for the continuous pour or hot water lamp (if used). 6 pin & 16 pin for use with the 16 pin Wizard controllers only.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review